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Ok I haven't blogging since a week ago.... but forgive me please I've been in final exams and everything is a mess: my room, my desk, my bathroom; actually, my life is a mess too... BUT, I don't want to fill u with those things. Instead, I'll tell you that this weekend was really intense? hard?, uhmm... full of things to do; my friends and I organized a party in order to save some money; and I think we did it well, because the party ended at 6am; of course I'm exhausted.

I liked this type of drawings but not too much, I mean, they're too girlies...


My lips are kind of dried it is said that is because it's freezing here and I don't drink too much water...

mood: Kind of tired
audio: La Prohibida - Amor eléctrico (electric love)
extra: I like having friends older than me
funfact: I didn't take a bath today.

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You´re right, they are girly :)

Blogger Reiki escribió...

Ojala te haya ido muy bien en tu spuer noche de edicion... Recuerdo lo que son las noches en vela y no gracias, aprendí que me gusta dormir ^^

Mucha suerte y paciencia!!

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