If I were the type of celebrities that have their own fragance, mine will be

by Roko

Perhaps Intense sounds frenchy and too gay for me... maybe...

by Roko
Nino is one of five fragances of Roko's collection

naaah, Nino sounds italian and I am not italian... I've never thought that being in the fragance indsutry would be so complicated.

Why I'm writting all these shit? because this picture inspired me to imagine the name of my fragance if I were the type of celebrity that has one -ok I'm writting the same, I should sleep more.

-I should read after typing, in order to find any mistake but.. I will do it later-

mood: good
audio: Aimee Mann - Wise up
extra: Someone invited me to continue with my french classes...
funfact: I like french, danish, italian, swedish but not german...

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ke onda oie me gusta tu blog ta de wuevos!!

sale cuidate pie we linkeame y io a ti sales!!

de una vez te linkeo!!

sale baii!

Blogger salomé esper escribió...

ey good looking... i hate when u write averything in english... what do u think? we're some kind of fucking dictionary? what r u tryin' to hide behind other language? i don't wanna hear u complaining about your u!

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