Le Foire... -prochainement-

Prochainement mon vidéo apelle "Le Foire" by Roko

meanwhile some pics about anything:

It´s not a fair but sometimes it behaves like one.... (Bellas Artes Palace at Mexico City)

mood: Danish & German mood (whatever that means)
audio: Lacrimosa - Alleine Zu Zweit
extra: I din't know two years ago, that Europe will became so important to me ... all of the people I love are there. Yesterday, my sister, brother in law and nephew flew to Berlin-sniff-

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Blogger Malintzin escribió...

Si necesita venir a las uruapans y requiere un sitio donde dormir en Spain... aqui tienes casita!

Saludos y animo...

ahh y que viva el skype!!!!!

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